Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arizona Joe and the doll house

I was out riding trail 8 just trying to locate the Rock Circles I blogged about last August. I didn't find them, but I did come across a little doll house someone put up next to the trail.

It's a bit fascinating. The person(s) who built the doll house are probably the same person(s) who built the rock circles. It's somewhat of a remote location (for being in the middle of the city) so the situation seems a bit mysterious.

Anyway, I continued onward.  I climbed a bit more and came across wild life photographer Arizona Joe.

We talked about wild life, photography, mountain biking, conservation and other topics. He determined that the hawk that swooped down on Xena, me and one of our chickens Sunday was a red tailed hawk. Check out his site for a photo of one.

I also experimented a bit more with video. New method. Didn't turn out so well. Looks like I am riding on Mars.

Check it out if you dare. Don't blame me if your bored. It's only a couple minutes long.

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