Thursday, December 17, 2009

Biggest Looser second weigh in

This week I weighed in at 219.2 lbs. Three lbs less than last week.

not great. Cookies, pies and buffets at work. However, My diet is not terrible. We have a lot of stuff we grow ourselves. Even our own eggs.

Rode the Outcast four times to work. My commute is doing me some good, it is enjoyable, it's saving me money and it's not bad for the environment.

Road the Moab once on the weekend.

Walked Xena twice a day, but that's just the usual.

 3 pounds loss. Ate all I wanted plus had some fun riding a bike. All in all, I will take it.

Side story. Years ago I had a friend known to some as 'funky cold Medina'. When we met, she was a slightly overweight young lady working at the Goodwill stores. She had a kid at the tender age of 15 and felt her only way to make good money was to go into stripping.  While I can't say I approved of her choice of employment, I always admired her for the way she could loose weight. She would run for miles and had a lot of will power when it came to watching what she ate.

I lost touch with the funky cold media years ago. Last time I talked to her, she was getting out of stripping and going to get married. Hope life worked out for her, but I always kind of doubted that it would.

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