Friday, December 4, 2009

Tempe Papago park and the Motobecane Outcast 29

Funny thing about Papago is that it is split between three cities. If you google a map, you will only see the trails for the Phoenix portion of the park. I think that this may be one of the reasons the trails have no flow. Roads running through the park, there are museums, a golf course, the zoo, the botanical gardens, the remains of a private residence. Just too many obstacles to allow for a nice long flowing trail. The McDowell competitive tracks are great, and the terrain isn't all that different.

Anyway, I had to test the Outcast out. I just changed the rear tubes to SLIME tubes because I suffered another flat. The tubes were fine Kenda tubes, but normal tubes don't last out here so I always run Slime tubes. No flats.

The Tempe Papagos give me the best workout of the three sections. It's not epic by any means, but for me on a single speed ridged bike, it was fine. Also gave me a chance to try the big 29 inch rims on some slightly technical terrain. Like I have said before, it's like using a longer pair of skis. I had less to worry about on the steep downhill. No worries about an endo. Just rolled down and over big rocks. Felt like I didn't need to get as far back on my seat as I usually do. A full suspension 29er would be great for certain types of terrain. I don't understand why the downhill bikes aren't all 29ers. Geeze, you could get bombing on one.

The Tempe section has a lot of interesting historical features.

Apparently, this site wasn't always valued for it's historical value. These are the remains of some power poles (right next to the 700 year old "Loma Del Rio") from around 1910. I guess they are now part of history as well.

The park allows urban camping with a permit. I came across what looked like a homeless persons camp. The cloths and blankets were clean, so I was sure they would be returning.
Not a bad place to camp. Within walking distance of the lake and downtown Tempe, but it would sure be nice to have a tent to keep the criters out of your hair.

I shot a little video of the section near the freeway (the other side of a big wall). Thought my dad would like to see it.

Rode on the Phoenix portion of papagos too.

Check out the map of my ride.

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