Sunday, November 8, 2009

Xena - tougher than I am

This little girl had 18 teeth removed the other day and here she is happily running around already.

Her breath is much better and she stopped whining at night. Couldn't understand why she was being so needy the past week or so. Guess she was in pain from all those bad teeth.

She's had bad breath for awhile. Guess you should brush their teeth two or three times a day. I haven't always done this for myself, let alone my dog.  I was told that Xena was prone to bad teeth from birth as her teeth were always crooked. We fed her dry food, but the mismatched teeth got no benefit. Still, I was clueless about doggy toothpaste, doggy mouth wash and doggy tooth brushing. Sorry, Xena.


  1. Does she have any teeth left? My dog just had one tooth removed. She's missing several others. It's not the easiest thing to remember to brush your dog's teeth. I give my dogs raw-hides to chew on. It keeps some of their teeth clean.

  2. Yeah, she has teeth. Crunching her dry food better than ever. I will have to let her try some raw-hides again. She wouldn't chew them before, but maybe that was only because her teeth were already bad. I got to start taking care of her when she was about 9 or 10. Was already an old dog then. She's 13 now, but spunky as a puppy though.