Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biggest Looser third weigh in - plus other stuff

Third weigh in. 216.2 pounds. Down three more pounds. Total of 6 lbs lost since I started the contest two weeks ago. Biggest lifestyle change = riding the Outcast29 to work.

Maybe I can win this thing?

Anyone heard of Electra Bikes out of San Diego?

My wife and I were furniture shopping and the owner was selling them. The bicycle looked really well made. Lot of wood on this model. Really pretty nice. It's actually a three speed.

I can just imagine myself cruising mission beach on one.

As my ride in Balboa park? Rather have a mountain bike. Commuter to work? This would work, but it's too nice. This bike is selling for $850 but looks much nicer. Wouldn't want to expose the wood to the elements for any length of time.

Rode Desert Classic today. Almost bit it once on a turn as I drifted into some sand. Other areas was riding high on the banks. Could really feel some g's. This trail is like a roller coaster, especially during the rainy season. Get that same shhh sound you get skiing. Often described as velcro conditions.

Here's a photo of Amit's bike. Kind of like his bike as it is a bit unusual. No conventional front fork. The shock is above. No weld joints. I guess it was molded. Got to admire Cannondale for trying different ideas.

Also took a short Video of the return to warpaint.


  1. Good video, that roller coaster singletrack is a blast. Good luck with the Biggest Loser contest. Taking weight off the rider is definitely the least expensive way to lighten your ride.

  2. You got that right. The best way too.