Saturday, December 12, 2009

fall colors in the back yard

Winter may have arrived up north and in the high country, but it looks like fall down here. The colors are pretty but only an appetizer when compared to the colors Venu and I experienced in New England. Not even the fall colors of Oak Creek canyon feel as satisfying.

Fall has always been my favorite season. Football, colors, and lack of allergens have contributed my love of the season, but it is even more special for those who live in maple tree country.

Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and greens intermingling to create a wondrous spectacle for as far as you care to see. The falling leaves float to the earth, then rise and dance as wheels pass by. Sunsets and landscapes become indistinguishable when the pink - orange sky merges to the red - yellow - orange forest.   I wish I could ride a New England trail at dusk and dawn in Fall. Suspended animation. Would be like riding in the heavens.

Believe it or not, I am not from New England. Venu and I spent only three days and two nights in the Fall colors, but it was a fall I will always remember.

There were no rooms vacant anywhere, so we bought a tent and camped for two nights. Rain and falling leaves poured down on the tent both nights. The sounds of the nearby creek, the sound of the falling leaves, sound of dripping rain, the cold,  connected us to the landscape. This was not an experience viewed through a box, this was an experience. This was experiencing something very special, at a special time in the moment.

Photography at it's best shows the ordinary in an extraordinary way or the extraordinary in an extraordinary way.  I have some wonderful photos from the short time I was there, but I'm not posting yet - they are only showing a sample of the extraordinary in an ordinary way.

Photos don't provide the full experience in any case. Not the sounds, not the smells, not the feels nor even the visuals. Just a piece of the visual.

No, I want you to imagine it first. Secondly, I want you to experience the New England Fall firsthand for yourselves. Only then, will I share my photos through this box. Next year, next fall.

Another goal, ride in New England in fall. If anyone can suggest a trail, please comment. I would like to add to my List of trails to ride.

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