Sunday, December 13, 2009

I luv gadgets

I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It's my favorite Kitchen gadget. So Versatile. Made in the USA; the way we used to make things.  Quality. Sturdy. Strong. Dependable. Powerful. Think of other positive adjectives, they will most probably apply.

I started competing in another Weight Lost contest this past Thursday. I weighed in at 222.2 lbs. That's why I am torn. Want to make some chocolate chip cookies but am afraid I will eat them. Cutting calories is half my strategy.

The other half of my strategy is an increase in my exercise. I started riding the outcast29 to work again. It's been cold, but I enjoy it and it will help. Amit and I are riding Phoenix Mountain preserve today. Mountain biking will burn some calories.

I guess I will post my progress every week until the contest is finished. The contest is will finish about the same time the baby is due to arrive. Oh my. Give me strength.

update, I made the cookies and I went for a ride. Even though it was raining.

Team: Goomba    Rider: frasiec    Date: 12/13/2009    6 average miles per hour
 Hours:Minutes:  Seconds: Miles ridden:
 Bike:Type:            Group Total:
Phoenix mtns trail 8Dec 13, 09753Amit and I rode up over, the back on zipper. Not too much rain on us. Broke out the the rain jacket.SchwinnMoab 3
DESERT CLASSIC - South MountainDec 08, 09878.5love this old Moab more and more. Feel a real connection to the thing. Better bike than the old Mesa it replaced. Looks like same frame, but it's better. Too bad Schwinn makes crap nowdays.SchwinnMoab 3
Papago ParkDec 03, 09502Rode the Tempe Papagos. Looked over the ruins and such. Got a pretty good workout on the single speed ridged bike. The 29er is like a long pair of skis. More confident going down the steep stuff, but doesn't turn as quickly. I like it.MotobecaneOutcast 29

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