Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Desert classic passes trail 100 - cog swapping - change the chain

Cog swapping

The Outcast29 came with a bonus cog (a 33t chain ring). I swapped it out and hit the trails. Just geared lower. Still miss my gears, but I made record time on this ridged bike. Desert classic is totally doable without shocks. Just get off your saddle.

Heres a video I took today on the Outcast after I swapped the sprocket. (for the 33t chainring). Maybe someday I will show you what I ride like on a fixie as the Outcast has an option to setup fixy style too.

Change the chain

I broke out the old chain tool and was surprised to learn that the Moab was in need of a new chain. Replaced it and sure enough, the front gears sure change a lot faster. I wasn't having any trouble, but this made a difference. Good I caught it before I damaged my cogs.

Here is a photo of what a new chain looks like. The tool won't drop down on either end.  Once it stretches, it will fully slide trough the link. If it just slides through the .75 side, but not the other side it will get you by for a while.

Desert Classic passes Trail 100

Desert classic just passed trail 100 as the most ridden trail on my fat tire website  while my Outcast cracked the top 20 bikes. For some reason, my times are a lot faster on that single speed fully ridged bike than my geared bikes. Think the 29er really suites me though.

op Rated Trails
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RankTop TrailsAreaAverage ScoreRides logged
1DESERT CLASSIC - South MountainPhoenix, Arizona4.7540
2Phoenix mtns trail 100Phoenix, Arizona4.9039
3National Trail - south mountainPhoenix, Arizona3.5315
4Hawes rd - red mountainPhoenix - Mesa, Arizona4.9212
5Phoenix mtns trail 8Phoenix, Arizona3.8312
6Phoenix CanalsPhoenix, Arizona3.0911
7McDowell mts Pemberton TrailPhoenix - Scottsdale, Arizona4.508
8Ridgeline Loops - South MountainPhoenix, Arizona3.638
9White Tank Mountains Goat Camp LoopPhoenix - Peoria, Arizona3.577
10Papago ParkPhoenix, Arizona3.147

Top Rated Teams and Riders
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Top Rated Bicycles and Models
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RankTop Bike BrandsRideshours Loggedmiles Loggedaverage Speedfastest Ride
RankTop ModelsRides loggedmiles Loggedhours Loggedfastest Rideaverage Speedslowest Ride
16Lenzsport - Lunchbox 29er338.806.077.926.404.80
17Specialized - Epic Marathon 29er335.008.776.503.992.94
18Motiv - Backcountry327.708.824.623.142.40
19Trek - Y22217.
20Motobecane - Outcast 29210.001.2510.298.006.00

When you go to the site, you can click the bars to hide and show the different categories.

Before anyone gives me any grief about the order of the list, hey it's not opinion. It's just based on the calculations of those who use the site. The biggest factor is the number of entries.

peace and as one speed would say - go ride.

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