Sunday, February 28, 2010

new edition

I don't know when I'll be riding again.

I have someone who really needs me right now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Biggest Looser final weigh in

Biggest Looser

Final weigh in 213. Total loss was little over 9 lbs. Didn't get the exercise I hoped to get. Think I could have lost ten more.

The baby

Anyway, I may be a father today. Tomorrow at the latest.

Update on the phone lady

The final vote was 8 - 0 to show this lady's picture.

Something in me just thinks it's just mean. She has some pictures that are just silhouettes. Maybe I'll show one of those.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February trails

Just a list of trails that are in their prime for the month

Feb trails. From my wish list.
Thumper Trail Loop (dead horse park)CottonwoodArizonaModerateIntermediate
Soldiers Trail LoopFlagstaffArizonaEasyBeginner
Greene Haven SlickrockGreene HavenArizonamoderateIntermediate
Arizona TrailJacob Lake to PatagoniaArizonaLong rideExpert
Badger TrailKingmanArizonadifficultAdvanced
Camp Beale LoopKingmanArizonamoderateIntermediate
Moss Wash MinesKingmanArizonaModerateIntermediate
Slaughterhouse CanyonKingmanArizonamoderateIntermediate
Valley DriveMonument ValleyArizonaModerateIntermediate
Page rimview trailPageArizonaEasyBeginner
Patagonia Ghost towns loopPatagoniaArizonalong rideNovice
Cypress ThicketPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
Doll Baby RanchPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
El Oso rdPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Houston MesaPaysonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Little Pine FlatPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
mt peely roadPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Slate Creek DividePaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Alta trail - Soutn MountainPhoenixArizonaToughExpert
Black Canyon Trail SystemPhoenixArizonaLong rideAdvanced
Bulldog Canyon - Goldfield mtnsPhoenixArizonamoderateintermediate
Coast to Coast - South MountainPhoenixArizonaVery Toughxxx expert
DESERT CLASSIC - South MountainPhoenixArizonaModerateAdvanced
Double Bypass - McDowell mtn preservePhoenixArizonatoughAdvanced
FINS (Fantasy Island North Singletrack)PhoenixArizonaModerateAdvanced
Helipad ttPhoenixArizonatoughclimb
National Trail - south mountainPhoenixArizonasevereExpert
Papago ParkPhoenixArizonaEasyBeginner
Phoenix CanalsPhoenixArizonaeasyBeginner
Phoenix Mtns Secret TrailsPhoenixArizonaAllAll
Phoenix mtns trail 100PhoenixArizonavery hard workexpert
Phoenix Mtns Trail 1APhoenixArizonaToughExpert
Phoenix mtns trail 8PhoenixArizonamoderateAdvanced
Ridgeline Loops - South MountainPhoenixArizonatoughExpert
Apache TrailPhoenix - Apache JctArizonatoughIntermediate
Lost Duchman trail loopsPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaModerateIntermediate
Lost Goldmine TrailPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaModerateAdvanced
Queen CreekPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaeasyBeginner
Silly MtnPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaModerateIntermediate
White CanyonPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaToughIntermediate
Woodbury RdPhoenix - Apache JctArizonaToughIntermediate
Devils HolePhoenix - CarefreeArizonatoughIntermediate
hombolt mtnPhoenix - CarefreeArizonadifficultIntermediate
new River HeadwatersPhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateIntermediate
New River MesaPhoenix - CarefreeArizonaeasyBeginner
New River WestPhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateadvanced
Sheep BridgePhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateIntermediate
Trail 4 - cave creek trail - Seven SpringsPhoenix - CarefreeArizonaDifficultExpert
Casa Grande MtnPhoenix - Casa GrandeArizonaModerateIntermediate
Area 52Phoenix - FlorenceArizonatoughAdvanced
Thunderbird park h1 - h5Phoenix - GlendaleArizonaeasyintermediate
Estrella Mtn Park (race loops)Phoenix - GoodyearArizonaGood WorkoutAdvanced
Margies CovePhoenix - GoodyearArizonaEasyBeginner
Blevins Loop - Usery parkPhoenix - MesaArizonaeasyBeginner
Cottonwood CampPhoenix - MesaArizonamoderateIntermediate
four peaksPhoenix - MesaArizonatoughIntermediate
Hawes rd - red mountainPhoenix - MesaArizonatoughadvanced
Moon Rock Loop - Usery parkPhoenix - MesaArizonaeasyBeginner
Usery PassPhoenix - MesaArizonaNo SweatAdvanced
White Tank Mountains Goat Camp LoopPhoenix - PeoriaArizonaToughExpert
White Tank Mountains Sonoran LoopPhoenix - PeoriaArizonaEasyBeginner
San Tan LoopsPhoenix - Queen CreekArizonamoderateBeginner
Cave CreekPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonaHeap O workAdvanced
Dynamite and PimaPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonaNot too toughIntermediate
McDowell mts Pemberton TrailPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonamoderateBeginner
McDowell mts Race LoopsPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonarace paceAdvanced
Sonoran Mtn PreservePhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonaToughIntermediate
Toms ThumbPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonaToughAdvanced
Union Hills LoopPhoenix - ScottsdaleArizonaLong RideBeginner
Granite Basin LoopsPrescottArizonaeasy to difficultAdvanced
Thumb Butte LoopsPrescottArizonanothing too toughAll levels
White Rock loop trailsPrescottArizonaModerateIntermediate
Yankee Doodle trailPrescottArizonaToughAdvanced
Airport Mesa LoopSedonaArizonaPretty toughXXX Expert
Bell Rock LoopsSedonaArizonafairly easyBeginner
Boyton PassSedonaArizonaLong easy rollBeginner
Cathederal Rock LoopSedonaArizonaModerateAdvanced
CocksCOMB LOOPSedonaArizonamedium workBeginner
Deadmans Pass LoopSedonaArizonaModerateIntermediate
Dry CreekSedonaArizonaModerateIntermediate
Huckaby LoopSedonaArizonaHardExpert
Llama Trail LoopSedonaArizonaHardExpert
Robbers RoostSedonaArizonaeasy as pieBeginner
schnebly hill trailsSedonaArizonaa good sweatIntermediate
Secret TrailsSedonaArizonatoughAdvanced
Submarine Rock LoopSedonaArizonahard workExpert
Brown Canyon LoopSierra VistaArizonamoderateBeginner
Carr Canyon LoopSierra VistaArizonaFairly toughAdvanced
50 Year trail (the chutes)TucsonArizonaA good sweatAdvanced
Chiva FallsTucsonArizonatoughExpert
Cobre RidgeTucsonArizonamoderateIntermediate
Elephant HeadTucsonArizonatoughIntermediate
Fantasy IslandTucsonArizonaeasyall levels
La MilagrosaTucsonArizonatoughxxx expert
Molino BasinTucsonArizonatoughAdvanced
Peppersauce LoopTucsonArizonasevereExpert
Saguaro National Monument EastTucsonArizonaFairly EasyBeginner
Starr Pass - Yetman washTucsonArizonamoderateIntermediate
Sweetwater PreserveTucsonArizonaFairly EasyBeginner
the TortolitasTucsonArizonaeasyBeginner
Tucson MntsTucsonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Gila MountainYumaArizonamoderateIntermediate
Martys Ridge to Liberty BellYumaArizonaeasyBeginner
Gabrielino TrailLos AngelesCaliforniamoderateAdvanced
Borrego dessert state parkSan DiegoCaliforniamoderateintermediate
Florida CanyonSan DiegoCaliforniaEasyBeginner
Miners Ridge TrailSan DiegoCaliforniaGood WorkoutIntermediate
Sun Devil waySan DiegoCaliforniagood workoutall levels
Anderson truck trailSan Diego - AlpineCaliforniaToughExpert
Marys LoopFruitaColoradoModerateIntermediate
Munro trailLanaiHawaiitoughintermediate
Secret TrailsMauiHawaiimoderateIntermediate
Mt HaleakalaMaui - Kula Forrest preserveHawaiiToughExpert
Aiea LoopOahuHawaiiModerateIntermediate
Kaaawa ValleyOahuHawaiiModerateBeginner
Maunawili TrailOahuHawaiimoderateadvanced
Baby stepsMoabUtahmoderateAdvanced
Gooseberry MesaZionUtahModeratIntermediate
Little CreekZion - St. George -HurricaneUtahtoughAdvanced
Greenline #6OlympiaWashingtonToughExpert
Cranberry LakeSeattle - AnacortesWashingtonmoderateIntermediate
Japanese GulchSeattle - MukilteoWashingtonmoderateIntermediate

Yeti 575

Hard to believe that it's been a year since I test rode that sweet 575 at McDowell mountain park and met the great Anthony Sloan. He left us way too soon. Would have been great meeting up with him again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thieves and Scumbags have a bad day

Thieves and scumbags

I printed up a few flyers and planned on dropping them off in the neighborhood in hopes that someone would return my phone. As I approached the residence on my Outcast29 I could see three police cars and a helicopter.

"Thieves! Thieves and scumbags! Nothing but thieves and scumbags live in THAT house." is what I heard as they frog marched a couple of the residence away in a patrol car.

Naturally, the police asked me what I was up to when I got near the scene.  The sobbing, mascara faced woman must have felt like fate itself was piling on as I explained that my cell phones GPS kept displaying that it was at this residence but no one in the home was answering the phone or returning it.

The policeman said that he was not surprised and asked me to wait as he retrieved it. The police asked for my drivers license and phone number, returned my phone to me and let me go on my way. 

I was nothing but smiles the rest of the ride home.

I had been worried that the person who had my phone would use it to retrieve personal data about myself. I couldn't have had less to worry about in those regards. The woman clearly spent a lot of time making the background pink, erasing my contacts,   adding her contacts, playing solitaire, erasing my photos, and taking arms length pictures of herself. She was not a Palm veteran as she could have easily done a reset to erase my profile. This phone now shows my profile with her data. Ironically, I feared someone having my personal data but instead I have her personal data. 

Wonder if I should contact the police before I do a reset and restore of the phone?

I could post her pictures on this post, but I doubt that anyone cares to see. I kind of pity the fool. She seems like the kind of person who would keep your cash but leave your credit cards and identity alone if she found your wallet. Don't get me wrong, she did not do the right by me, but there are worse people out there. 

follow up (the next day)

I saw the same police crew today again on the way home from work. I told them about all the personal data this woman stored on my phone. They said that they didn't need it and it would be fine for me to delete. I did a hard reset of the palm and just like that Jennifer E. B*#m@^^was gone. All traces of her except for the photos she saved on my card were gone. I did a sync and my old phone came back. All contacts, email everything. This is why I always liked this gadget. Had palms before they were phones. Was an easy transition to the treos. Someday, I am sure I'll make the switch to an Apple, but I like old things too. Good companies with Good ideas ahead of their time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no cell no movies

I got out to good old trail 100 this past weekend for a solo ride and had a blast.

I Missed the first half of the Superbowl, but I have no regrets. I helped a guy out on the trail. Had two blown tires and only one tube. Gave him one of my tubes and he fixed my hand pump. Got himself back on the trail. Said he had a long walk home otherwise.

You see some trees along the washes have been uprooted from all the rain we have been blessed with in recent weeks. Also see that wonderful green grass all over the desert.

Man, I like this old Schwinn Moab. I've ridden better bikes, but I'm used to it. It's good enough for me. Someone asked me how I can take photos without a cell phone. I answered, "with a camera".

Think I post some reward signs for my lost Cell phone. Maybe someone in that house will give it to me. Anyway, heres a repeat of the last post so you know what I am talking about.

Cell Phones

I lost my phone on the way to work the other day. One of the reasons that I have not posted any video as it was my video player. 

Funny thing is I can see exactly where the phone is located via gps. The person who has it, takes it with them to the laundry mat and out. Mostly they just stay at home. I have talked to two different people in the home but neither know anything about it.  What kind of person won't return a persons cell phone? I was thinking old man (who didn't know what it was or teenager) but no, this doesn't appear to be the case. I am going to have to give up on getting it back soon as Venu is due any day now. She has to be able to get in touch with me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Biggest looser - Buenos Aires - other stuff

Biggest Looser

No weekend riding, no change in weight this week.

Buenos Aires

Kind of funny that I had dogs as the main picture of my last two posts. I just like this picture. Taken with my old 1965 Pentax Spotmatic 35mm film camera.

Cell Phones

I lost my phone on the way to work the other day. One of the reasons that I have not posted any video as it was my video player. 

Funny thing is I can see exactly where the phone is located via gps. The person who has it, takes it with them to the laundry mat and out. Mostly they just stay at home. I have talked to two different people in the home but neither know anything about it.  What kind of person won't return a persons cell phone? I was thinking old man (who didn't know what it was or teenager) but no, this doesn't appear to be the case. I am going to have to give up on getting it back soon as Venu is due any day now. She has to be able to get in touch with me.