Thursday, July 30, 2009

Irrigation fun

Guesss what this is.
I was irrigating the other morning and had to take some photos of the house with my phone. Flipped the image around and cropped off the actual image and the results are these. Kind of looks more like a couple of paintings to me.

cash for clunkers

To qualify for the Cash For clunkers program, you need a vehicle that gets less than 20 mpg and is newer than an 84 model.

While I agree that it's a good idea to promote policies that conserve energy, it occurred to me that the people who benefitted from the Bush policies of tax breaks for gas guzzlers now qualify for the cash for clunkers program.

For the guy who bought the dodge neon, NO DICE.

I also have to wonder about the logic about crushing the trade ins. I mean the the vehicles have life left in them. I guess the idea is to get the low mileage vehicles off the planet. That said, will an '84 Explorer be a collectors item one day due in large part to this program making them a rarity?

Darren's Rides: A Blind Mountain Biker

Darren's Rides: A Blind Mountain Biker

This is an amazing story on another blog I just happened across. I can't believe it's never even gotten a comment.

He shows how a blind man can ride a mountain bike in the wilderness. Huh?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

skiing robot

Well, I never thought I would see the day but skiing robos will be here soon. If you ever programmed a robot, you can appreciate how complex the programming must have been.
I've already seen biking riding robos, but not mtb robos. However, if they can make one ski, robos on National trail can't be too far behind. The Japanese have them pitching and hitting baseballs.
anyway, found the story on my very own
check it out below.
baseball robo

british crop circles

These British really know their crop circle art. Dragon Fly. Not just 'random' patterns.

I saw some old English villagers showing how they created such things once.

Doesn't necessarily explain all the crop circles but it does help explain why England has more than elsewhere. I kind of like them. Not sure about how the farmers feel but it's got to be better than cattle mutilation!

Anyhow, we have some lawn circles in my neighborhood. Everyone assumes it's some practical joker. We could have all been asleep when the aliens (mexican?) came down and put a crop (lawn) circle on Mr. Doddies lawn.

Not sure who's doing them but they don't have near the talent as the aliens in Britain. (come on USA! - Sorry Arizona)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best crop circles

Why do the best crop circles come from Great Britain? Lots of talent over there or just some busy unknown artist? Anyhow, I just like the picture, so I have to post on my blog. Maybe I could get these guys to spell out FAT-TIRE.NET one day in some corn field in Chandler. Make my helmet logo at least.

less is more

I have 14 speeds on my blender, but Fast, slow and off is all I really need.

Generally, the more speeds a blender has, the more expensive it will be. The rule holds true unless you go with a simple two speed blender. The Waring above has less power, two speeds and cost three to four times your good old oester.

Now, we have a similar trend with Mountain bikes. My bike has 27 gears. I use about 5 of them regularly. Probably use about ten of them on a challenging ride.

Nowdays you see fixed gear bikes everywhere. I don't get it. Simple yes, but I use those gears. Fewer breakdowns, okay but what about the low gears on climbs and high gears when you can go fast?

What's the next great development, going back to totally rigid bikes? Now comes the kicker. I kind of want an new Motobecane Outcast 29er. Bikes direct $349 bucks AFTER shipping. I think it's just that I have wanted a 29er ever since Cosmic Ray recommended one to me after my GSX was stolen. The Outcast has got to be about as maintenance free as a mountain bike can get. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer a full suspension, 27 speed 29er, but the price on this is sooo affordable. If I don't like it, i could ride it to work.

lake baikal

Last night while listening to Coast to coast, they mentioned some strange happenings at Lake Baikal. Underwater humunoid creatures were spotted. Kind of fun to think about. So, I pulled this image of the lake from a nasa site. What the heck caused that circle? Don't know, but please comment if you have any ideas.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

crop circle

Don't know who made it, how they made it or why they made it, but you have to admit it is a pretty nice piece of art. Grand yet intricate work. I learned of the story from reading the 'strange but true' stories on my very own site. Newz Hobbys then strange but true.
Also learned of the sixteen year old girl who ages about one month per every two years. The story was slated to be aired on twenty twenty, then Michael Jackson died, and the so did the story.

It would have been a nice morning for a bike ride. Overcast and RELATIVELY cool for here, but I am irrigating this morning and still have to run out to chandler for a few chores on the rental house.

Today is also the one year anniversary of when my Mesa GSX was stolen. No mercy for bike thieves. click on the bike to see the reward.

Venu and I have plans to go to Prescott later. Should be nice and cool up there. Wish we could take the bikes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

jones county book

I think historical novels are my favorite. Truth is indeed often stranger than fiction. Take the story of Jones county. Free county in the heart of the south during the civil war. Incredible.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

brutal heat

I skipped out of riding south mountain sunday morning. Part of the reason was the brutal heat.

Heard about some 14 yr old boy from Alaska that passed on due to dehydration. He was up there from about 7 am to 11:30. It's hot, even early. Wish I could have helped him.

When I was new to this area, I got caught out in the desert unprepared once. Had buzzards following me. Lucky for me, I had a river close by. Kept my core cool. Got rescued by some illegal aliens with beer. Go figure, some americans on atv's zoomed right past me - didn't want to ruin their fun, but illegals saved me.

All the times you stop and talk to someone. Give advise, or water. Makes you wonder if you ever saved someone but just didn't know it.

message board and weekly earning report

I did it. I added the mecury message board.
Didn't really want to add one. My site is kind of becoming another mtbr. I like mtbr fine, but one is enough. Anyway, whatever gets them back. Was thinking of just using an mtbr forum, but it's better to have complete control.

I have not changed the mecuryboard one bit as far at the backend goes. I still want to integrate it so you don't have to create an account and sign in. Kind of stupid to have to do that, but nobody has been signing up anyhoo. Once I integrate with facebook, the application should take off. First I gotta integrate my own apps together.

Oh, it's been a week since I posted about my earnings. I have made $3.54 in the past week. NO earnings from fat-tire, no earnings from the car site. All the earnings came from I don't get it. Times are tough? Welfare ads pay more than bike and car ads? Well, please visit that crappy little site I own. It makes me money. This blog has made none, the good sites don't make any mula. Well, i guess this blog is about trying to increase revenue so well see what happens together. I just 'montitized' it, so next weeks report may show something.

Good enough. gotta run.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This morning Phil called about 6:30 am to go riding. Got to give him some credit, he aint givin up yet. Hot and out of shape, but he wants more punishment. I had to turn him down though. Spending the weekend at Home Depot. Too many projects for me to work on. Remodeling the house I live in and fixing up the Home I rent out.

Told Phil I would call tonight. Maybe I should take him near the canals. Get him in shape more slowly. Think I need to take him down some steps. Work on some technical skills. I have a beginner route near the fire road on south mountain. Don't think he's ready for it yet.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

House in Chandler - Twelve Oaks

This is the front of my house.
This image looks towards my front door.

This is the image looking out towards my back door.

I always liked living in this house. Felt at peace. Good neighbors, nice area, close to Tempe.

This morning I met up with Mike from

They had a special where they give me two months free of property managment plus waive the fees. Also the monthly fee is reduced so it turns out almost cheaper to let them manage the property until the end of the year. They also will find and screen the renters for me.

It makes a big difference who you get. I was working every day for at least two weeks after Damian and Megan left. This time Mike asked me how much time I spent cleaning after Zach and Kim and I said none. They couldn't believe how clean they left it. I'll wait for a good couple if I have to. Don't allow some slobs in your home. Too much work to clean up after them.Too expensive to fix everything too. Worth it to wait!

I still have a few little projects I will complete before they get really busy showing the place. Pick up the leaves out of the yard. Have to work on the shower doors. Maybe recaulk the shower. Small things.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stolen Bikes, Bike Pedia, and The stolen bicycle registry

I added a section to to display stolen bikes.
I don't know if it will drive traffic, but if it helps recover one bike it was more than worth the effort.
Since I ask for the seriel numbers durning registration, they are there when you need them. All you need to do to mark your registered bike as stolen is click the 'report stolen' tab - select stolen and click the submit button.
it will then display for all to see on the stolen bikes page.

The bike pedia link is there for all bikes, so anyone can see what the bike looks like. I just sent the parameters to bike pedia and open their page. If they have your bike in their database, you can see it. I also have stored a personal url for each bike. So, click on the make and you see the actual bike. Click on the make and see the bike pedia photo and stats on the bike.

I set my url to the stolenbicycleregistry. My bike was stolen nearly a year ago. Go to the web site if you are interested in any of the details.

Google Calendar

I was working on a project that promoted the usage of Google Calendars at Arizona State University, while taking a software engineering class over there. Hence, I setup a Mountain Bike calendar and subscribed to existing calendars. I provided a link through the website and just ran it through a frame. Just to make it convienient and to keep traffic on my site.
Link is: coming events.
Subscribe to any calendar you like. I also have the Phoenix Happenings. Just click here when I want to see what is going on in town.

Met with Zach and Kim last night for the home inspection and to take the house back over. Gave them all their deposit money back and felt good about it. What a great couple. They have been such good tenants that i would have felt bad if I couldn't give them their money back but they didn't disappoint. The house is clean and in good shape. They told me how much they enjoyed living there and how much they like the area. They bought a new house about six minutes away. Good for them. Since they gave me the house early, I told them I would give them any rent money I get for July. However, I don't anticipate getting anyone in that soon.

Now, I am going to meet Mike the Realtor over there Saturday morning about ten in the morning. Have been telling people to swing by about 10:15 if they want to take a look at the place.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Added some news to the site in hopes of generating some repeat hits. feedzilla generates rss code for you in almost any format you need and it's free.

Anyhow, checkout the news here.
The default is the sport of cycling, but click on a link to change news subjects. videos are also sent in. I added "fishing" as a sport for my dad. Even put it in a normal font. The rest are just things I like to check on.

mercury message board - go daddy and award space

Okay. I had another idea to try to get traffic coming back to my sites.

Been tooling around with the idea of creating a message board when I found merucury is out there for free. Anyway, installation was pretty simple if you are using an apache server. My award space account is apache, so I ended up installing it there. The windows installation seemed pretty easy too, but Go daddy didn't allow the program to modfiy any of the files once on the server. So, i will pretty much have to code by hand if I want it there.

In any case, I still have not figured out how to post to it! Can send private messages, but a normal post? I am too stupid to see how that works. Maybe it didn't instal something? I don't know.

Check it out and see if you can figure it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ad sense

I made $1.56 on ad sense today. Still haven't figured out how this works.

I get a lot more hits on but I don't get paid anything for it. I have a portion of the application that gets local weather forcasts. However, i have learned that weatherbug will pay you to use their web service. When I get the time, I need to rewrite some code.

Make more on A site I created for phone applications. Just use it to store my car care records. This site had mobil ads but for some unknown reason they have stopped displaying. No changes, but it no longer works.

However, the worst site makes me most of my money. This site is nothing much. Just links to resources for welfare and such.

I have also added ad sense ads to this blog.

A total breakdown of what I have earned so far breaks down as such:

AdSense for Content top channels
ezaz211. com
car. ezaz211. com
fat-tire. net
fat-tire. net
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AdSense for Domains
- No data available -
eCPM [?]
AdSense for Search top channels
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Page impressions
Page CTR
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AdSense for Mobile Content
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AdSense for Feeds
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Total Earnings

अड़ Sense

देसिदेद्तो तो मके थिस ब्लॉग अबाउट मकिंग मनी ओं थे इन्टरनेट। अत लीस्ट माय अत्तेम्प अत दोंग सो। इ हवे फौंद अ कोउप्ले ऑफ़ टूल्स फॉर मकिंग मनी। ओने इस प्रोविदेद राईट हियर, ओं अड़ सेंस।

इ स्टार्टेड अ कोउप्ले ऑफ़ वेब साइट्स एंड इन्क्लुदेद अड़ सेंस एड्स। इ हवे एअर्नेद जुस्त ओवर ट्वेंटी थ्री बुच्क्स सो फार।

Saturday, July 4, 2009 was setup so I could keep a personal log of my mtb rides, count calories, store maintenance records, follow bloggers, have a reference library of trails to ride and share this information with anyone else who desires it.

Trails in Season for the month of July
Verde Hot SpringsCamp VerdeArizonaLong RideAdvanced
Pinery Canyon LoopChiracahuaArizonaModerateIntermediate
Silver Peak LoopChiracahuaArizonaEasyBeginner
WhiteTail CreekChiracahuaArizonaToughintermediate
Mingus MountainCottonwood - JeromeArizonaAll DownhillXX Expert
Around the Peaks (cosmic soulstice race loop)FlagstaffArizonaFairly ToughBeginner
AZ trail to Walnut CanyonFlagstaffArizonaHard Rideadvanced
Dry lake hills loopFlagstaffArizonaHard WorkExpert
Elden LoopFlagstaffArizonaBiblicalExpert
Fisher PointFlagstaffArizonaComfortableBeginner
Lava Cave and Wing MtnFlagstaffArizonaEasyIntermediate
Little Bear LoopFlagstaffArizonaSerious ClimbAdvanced
Lower Oldham trailsFlagstaffArizonaNo SweatBeginner
Nordic CenterFlagstaffArizonaEasy to MediumBeginner
Observatory MesaFlagstaffArizonaWeenie rideBeginner
Rocky Ridge TrailFlagstaffArizonaHard fun workExpert
Soldiers Trail LoopFlagstaffArizonaEasyBeginner
Sunset Trail LoopFlagstaffArizonaLong ClimbExpert
Upper Oldham trailsFlagstaffArizonaHeinous climbExpert
Waterline RoadFlagstaffArizonaLong ClimbAdvanced
Flag to Grand CanyonFlagstaff - Grand CanyonArizonaLong Easy RideBeginner
Flagstaff to SedonaFlagstaff - SedonaArizonalong rideAdvanced
Six Shooter CanyonGlobeArizonano whinersXX Expert
Crazy Jug PointGrand CanyonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Pt. SublimeGrand CanyonArizonaVery Long RideBeginner
Rainbow RimGrand CanyonArizonahard workBeginner
Tiyo PointGrand CanyonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Arizona TrailJacob Lake to PatagoniaArizonaLong rideExpert
Valley DriveMonument ValleyArizonaModerateIntermediate
Patagonia Ghost towns loopPatagoniaArizonalong rideNovice
260 loop - HiLine TrailPaysonArizonatoughAdvanced
Cypress ThicketPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
Doll Baby RanchPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
El Oso rdPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Houston MesaPaysonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Little Pine FlatPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
mt peely roadPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Rock CreekPaysonArizonaeasyBeginner
Slate Creek DividePaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Willow Springs LakePayson - HeberArizonamoderateIntermediate
Strawberry MtnPayson - PineArizonaModerateIntermediate
Papago ParkPhoenixArizonaEasyBeginner
four peaksPhoenix - MesaArizonatoughIntermediate
Granite Basin LoopsPrescottArizonaeasy to difficultAdvanced
Lynx Lake LoopPrescottArizonaModerateIntermediate
Peavine trailPrescottArizonaEasyBeginner
Spruce MtnPrescottArizonawhat goes upAdvanced
Thumb Butte LoopsPrescottArizonanothing too toughAll levels
White Rock loop trailsPrescottArizonaModerateIntermediate
Wolf Creek LoopPrescottArizonaFairly EasyBeginner
Yankee Doodle trailPrescottArizonaToughAdvanced
Cunningham and Grant Hill LoopsSafford - Mt. GrahamArizonaHigh Altitude workIntermediate
Butterfly TrailTucsonArizonahard workExpert
Crystal Spring TrailTucsonArizonafairly hardAdvanced
Samaniego RidgeTucsonArizonaLong Hard RideAdvanced
Kentucky Camp Ghost TownTucson - SonoitaArizonaHigh Altitude workAdvanced
Blue Ridge Trail #107White MtnsArizonaAdvancedAdvanced
Country Club Trail #632White MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
Country Club/Los Burros Connector Trail #631AWhite MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
Hannigan MeadowWhite MtnsArizonaEasyBeginner
Ice Cave Trail #608 ( Blue Ridge Cave Trail)White MtnsArizonamoderateadvanced
Panorama Trail #635 ( Porter Mountain Trail)White MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
South Fork TrailWhite MtnsArizonaToughAdvanced
Sunrise ski resortWhite MtnsArizona NULL
Timber Mesa Trail #636White MtnsArizonamoderateAdvanced
Luna Lake Upper LoopWhite Mtns - AlpineArizonaeasyBeginner
Terry Flat LoopWhite Mtns - AlpineArizonaModerateBeginner
Los Burros loop 631White Mtns - Show LowArizonanot too toughintermdiate
Bill Williams MountainWilliamsArizonaNot too toughIntermediate
Sucamore Rim LoopWilliamsArizonanot for wimpsIntermediate
Lower Rock Creek TrailBishopCaliforniaModerateAdvanced
Florida CanyonSan DiegoCaliforniaEasyBeginner
Miners Ridge TrailSan DiegoCaliforniaGood WorkoutIntermediate
Sun Devil waySan DiegoCaliforniagood workoutall levels
Anderson truck trailSan Diego - AlpineCaliforniaToughExpert
Munro trailLanaiHawaiitoughintermediate
Secret TrailsMauiHawaiimoderateIntermediate
Mt HaleakalaMaui - Kula Forrest preserveHawaiiToughExpert
Kaaawa ValleyOahuHawaiiModerateBeginner
Canfield mtnCoeur d aleneIdahoFairly EasyIntermediate
Silver Mountain - Jack AssKelloggIdahodownhillexpert
Fischer Creek TrailStanleyIdahoFairly ToughIntermediate
Bad Tom / Cranky GulchWallaceIdaho??
Route of Hiawatha - Lookout pass ski resortWallaceIdahomoderateBeginner
Upper Glidden LakeWallaceIdaho??
B & A trailBaltimore - AnnapolisMDEasyBeginner
Lake Tahoe Rim Trail - Flume trail sectionLake TahoeNevadatoughAdvanced
Windsor Trail;Sante FeNew Mexico  
Amole CanyonTaosNew MexicoEasyBeginner
Thun trailBirdsboro - PottstownPennsEasyBeginner
French Creek st parkPhilidelphia - ReadingPennsmoderateIntermediate
Marsh Creek St parkPhilidelphia -ExtonPennsToughIntermediate
Springton Manor FarmsPhilidelphia -W ChesterPennsEasyBeginner
Mickelson TrailDeadwoodSDakotaLong rideBeginner
Lambert parkAlpineUtahmoderateall levels
Thunder mtnBryce CanyonUtahmoderateadvanced
Porcupine RimMoabUtahToughAdvanced
Slickrock trailMoabUtahdifficultExpert
BST - Bonneville Shoreline TrailSalt Lake CityUtahToughIntermediate
Gooseberry MesaZionUtahModeratIntermediate
Galbraith MtnBellinghamWashingtonall levelsAll levels
Greenline #6OlympiaWashingtonToughExpert
Cranberry LakeSeattle - AnacortesWashingtonmoderateIntermediate
Whistle LakeSeattle - AnacortesWashingtonDifficultExpert
Japanese GulchSeattle - MukilteoWashingtonmoderateIntermediate