Monday, May 31, 2010

happy birthday Happy Memorial Day

I put up on year ago today. One year later, in a few days, I am putting up myfamilybenefits for the state. test version MyFamilyBenefits was put up last week.

May as well post June rides. It's hot out there.(in Phoenix)
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Forcast High Celcius38363537394142
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Verde Hot SpringsCamp VerdeArizonaLong RideAdvanced
Pinery Canyon LoopChiracahuaArizonaModerateIntermediate
Silver Peak LoopChiracahuaArizonaEasyBeginner
WhiteTail CreekChiracahuaArizonaToughintermediate
Mingus MountainCottonwood - JeromeArizonaAll DownhillXX Expert
Around the Peaks (cosmic soulstice race loop)FlagstaffArizonaFairly ToughBeginner
AZ trail to Walnut CanyonFlagstaffArizonaHard Rideadvanced
Dry lake hills loopFlagstaffArizonaHard WorkExpert
Elden LoopFlagstaffArizonaBiblicalExpert
Fisher PointFlagstaffArizonaComfortableBeginner
Lava Cave and Wing MtnFlagstaffArizonaEasyIntermediate
Little Bear LoopFlagstaffArizonaSerious ClimbAdvanced
Lower Oldham trailsFlagstaffArizonaNo SweatBeginner
Nordic CenterFlagstaffArizonaEasy to MediumBeginner
Observatory MesaFlagstaffArizonaWeenie rideBeginner
Rocky Ridge TrailFlagstaffArizonaHard fun workExpert
Soldiers Trail LoopFlagstaffArizonaEasyBeginner
Sunset Trail LoopFlagstaffArizonaLong ClimbExpert
Upper Oldham trailsFlagstaffArizonaHeinous climbExpert
Waterline RoadFlagstaffArizonaLong ClimbAdvanced
Flag to Grand CanyonFlagstaff - Grand CanyonArizonaLong Easy RideBeginner
Flagstaff to SedonaFlagstaff - SedonaArizonalong rideAdvanced
Six Shooter CanyonGlobeArizonano whinersXX Expert
Crazy Jug PointGrand CanyonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Pt. SublimeGrand CanyonArizonaVery Long RideBeginner
Rainbow RimGrand CanyonArizonahard workBeginner
Tiyo PointGrand CanyonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Greene Haven SlickrockGreene HavenArizonamoderateIntermediate
Arizona TrailJacob Lake to PatagoniaArizonaLong rideExpert
Badger TrailKingmanArizonadifficultAdvanced
Camp Beale LoopKingmanArizonamoderateIntermediate
Moss Wash MinesKingmanArizonaModerateIntermediate
Slaughterhouse CanyonKingmanArizonamoderateIntermediate
Valley DriveMonument ValleyArizonaModerateIntermediate
Page rimview trailPageArizonaEasyBeginner
Patagonia Ghost towns loopPatagoniaArizonalong rideNovice
260 loop - HiLine TrailPaysonArizonatoughAdvanced
Cypress ThicketPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
Doll Baby RanchPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
El Oso rdPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Houston MesaPaysonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Little Pine FlatPaysonArizonamoderateIntermediate
mt peely roadPaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Rock CreekPaysonArizonaeasyBeginner
Slate Creek DividePaysonArizonatoughIntermediate
Willow Springs LakePayson - HeberArizonamoderateIntermediate
Strawberry MtnPayson - PineArizonaModerateIntermediate
National Trail - south mountainPhoenixArizonasevereExpert
Papago ParkPhoenixArizonaEasyBeginner
Devils HolePhoenix - CarefreeArizonatoughIntermediate
hombolt mtnPhoenix - CarefreeArizonadifficultIntermediate
new River HeadwatersPhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateIntermediate
New River MesaPhoenix - CarefreeArizonaeasyBeginner
New River WestPhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateadvanced
Sheep BridgePhoenix - CarefreeArizonamoderateIntermediate
four peaksPhoenix - MesaArizonatoughIntermediate
Granite Basin LoopsPrescottArizonaeasy to difficultAdvanced
Lynx Lake LoopPrescottArizonaModerateIntermediate
Peavine trailPrescottArizonaEasyBeginner
Spruce MtnPrescottArizonawhat goes upAdvanced
Thumb Butte LoopsPrescottArizonanothing too toughAll levels
White Rock loop trailsPrescottArizonaModerateIntermediate
Wolf Creek LoopPrescottArizonaFairly EasyBeginner
Yankee Doodle trailPrescottArizonaToughAdvanced
Cunningham and Grant Hill LoopsSafford - Mt. GrahamArizonaHigh Altitude workIntermediate
Airport Mesa LoopSedonaArizonaPretty toughXXX Expert
Bell Rock LoopsSedonaArizonafairly easyBeginner
Cathederal Rock LoopSedonaArizonaModerateAdvanced
CocksCOMB LOOPSedonaArizonamedium workBeginner
Deadmans Pass LoopSedonaArizonaModerateIntermediate
Huckaby LoopSedonaArizonaHardExpert
Llama Trail LoopSedonaArizonaHardExpert
Robbers RoostSedonaArizonaeasy as pieBeginner
schnebly hill trailsSedonaArizonaa good sweatIntermediate
Secret TrailsSedonaArizonatoughAdvanced
Brown Canyon LoopSierra VistaArizonamoderateBeginner
Carr Canyon LoopSierra VistaArizonaFairly toughAdvanced
50 Year trail (the chutes)TucsonArizonaA good sweatAdvanced
Butterfly TrailTucsonArizonahard workExpert
Crystal Spring TrailTucsonArizonafairly hardAdvanced
Samaniego RidgeTucsonArizonaLong Hard RideAdvanced
Tucson MntsTucsonArizonaModerateIntermediate
Kentucky Camp Ghost TownTucson - SonoitaArizonaHigh Altitude workAdvanced
Blue Ridge Trail #107White MtnsArizonaAdvancedAdvanced
Country Club Trail #632White MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
Country Club/Los Burros Connector Trail #631AWhite MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
Hannigan MeadowWhite MtnsArizonaEasyBeginner
Ice Cave Trail #608 ( Blue Ridge Cave Trail)White MtnsArizonamoderateadvanced
Panorama Trail #635 ( Porter Mountain Trail)White MtnsArizonaModerateIntermediate
South Fork TrailWhite MtnsArizonaToughAdvanced
Sunrise ski resortWhite MtnsArizonaNULL
Timber Mesa Trail #636White MtnsArizonamoderateAdvanced
Luna Lake Upper LoopWhite Mtns - AlpineArizonaeasyBeginner
Terry Flat LoopWhite Mtns - AlpineArizonaModerateBeginner
Los Burros loop 631White Mtns - Show LowArizonanot too toughintermdiate
Bill Williams MountainWilliamsArizonaNot too toughIntermediate
Sucamore Rim LoopWilliamsArizonanot for wimpsIntermediate
Lower Rock Creek TrailBishopCaliforniaModerateAdvanced
Gabrielino TrailLos AngelesCaliforniamoderateAdvanced
Florida CanyonSan DiegoCaliforniaEasyBeginner
Miners Ridge TrailSan DiegoCaliforniaGood WorkoutIntermediate
Sun Devil waySan DiegoCaliforniagood workoutall levels
Anderson truck trailSan Diego - AlpineCaliforniaToughExpert
Munro trailLanaiHawaiitoughintermediate
Secret TrailsMauiHawaiimoderateIntermediate
Mt HaleakalaMaui - Kula Forrest preserveHawaiiToughExpert
Aiea LoopOahuHawaiiModerateIntermediate
Kaaawa ValleyOahuHawaiiModerateBeginner
Maunawili TrailOahuHawaiimoderateadvanced
Canfield mtnCoeur d aleneIdahoFairly EasyIntermediate
Silver Mountain - Jack AssKelloggIdahodownhillexpert
Fischer Creek TrailStanleyIdahoFairly ToughIntermediate
Bad Tom / Cranky GulchWallaceIdaho??
Route of Hiawatha - Lookout pass ski resortWallaceIdahomoderateBeginner
Upper Glidden LakeWallaceIdaho??
B & A trailBaltimore - AnnapolisMDEasyBeginner
Lake Tahoe Rim Trail - Flume trail sectionLake TahoeNevadatoughAdvanced
Windsor Trail;Sante FeNew Mexico
Amole CanyonTaosNew MexicoEasyBeginner
Thun trailBirdsboro - PottstownPennsEasyBeginner
French Creek st parkPhilidelphia - ReadingPennsmoderateIntermediate
Marsh Creek St parkPhilidelphia -ExtonPennsToughIntermediate
Springton Manor FarmsPhilidelphia -W ChesterPennsEasyBeginner
Mickelson TrailDeadwoodSDakotaLong rideBeginner
Lambert parkAlpineUtahmoderateall levels
Thunder mtnBryce CanyonUtahmoderateadvanced
Baby stepsMoabUtahmoderateAdvanced
Porcupine RimMoabUtahToughAdvanced
Slickrock trailMoabUtahdifficultExpert
BST - Bonneville Shoreline TrailSalt Lake CityUtahToughIntermediate
Gooseberry MesaZionUtahModeratIntermediate
Galbraith MtnBellinghamWashingtonall levelsAll levels
Greenline #6OlympiaWashingtonToughExpert
Cranberry LakeSeattle - AnacortesWashingtonmoderateIntermediate
Whistle LakeSeattle - AnacortesWashingtonDifficultExpert
Japanese GulchSeattle - MukilteoWashingtonmoderateIntermediate

Next post, I'll share recipes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

... gonna eat a lot of peaches.

Years ago when I ate my first fresh peach from the tree, I vowed to never eat canned peaches again. I now recant.

I have two peach trees in my backyard. One bears fruit this month, the other next month.

My mother-in-law is a bit like my father in that she will go into the yard and bring in natures bounty. My dad was here picking up pecans.  Peaches are different. No shelf life. After giving away three bags of peaches and tossing a bag of moldy peaches,I had to figure out something to do with them. No room in the freezer. Then I recalled my Aunt and Grandma home canning.

My sister-in-law has parents who do canning and such, so I gave her a call. "Where do I get Ball jars?" I asked. "Try Wallmart." she replied. It's a big store, surely they would have everything I needed. Nope. "Ball jars? What's that?" was the typical response. "Mason jars . . . for canning peaches..." I would reply. "We sell jars of peaches." was a response.

This is getting me nowhere I thought. What the heck, I'll go to ACE hardware. THOSE people ARE helpful and smart. If they don't have what I need, they will tell me where I can find it.  Within two minutes of entering that little store, I had two associates helping me AND educating me. They even gave me the Ball booklet on canning.

After two days of cutting fruit, making jam and canning fresh fruit I am psyched. Now, I am thinking of making fig jam, canning my grapefruit juice, orange juice, apple sauce, plum jam, kumquat marmalade, grapefruit marmalade, orange marmalade, lemon juice, lime juice all from the yard! Talk about organic! My bug control is my chickens! Too bad summer is almost here, I would like to can tomatoes and beans from the garden. Maybe pickles too.

Then there was the taste! Wow! Warmed peaches on ice cream. Tangy, sweet, wonderful. Never tasted peaches this good that were immersed in corn syrup. (bad for ya too).

Anyway, this story dovetails nicely with my last post. Just had to share.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

organics vs genetic modified

I love the coast to coast radio program. Always great for a laugh or to scare the crap out of you. Also hear about real news years before it makes the mainstream media. Ironically, it's broadcast from 550 am - a right wing propaganda outfit. Funny you would hear about all the crooked tricks Bush was trying then in the day hear his praises. So, don't sell them short they were talking about 'Osama Bin Laudin' while 'W. Bush' was still trying to bring back 'star wars'.

Anyway, they were talking about the dangers of gm foods the other night. Thought I should share. Talked about how slaughtered animals that feed on it looked on the inside vs a regular animal. Not good.  Also increased Autism in children.

Talked about we basically have two kinds of modifieds. 1. Those plants that can absorb 'roundup' and survive and 2. those that basically produce their own equivalent to roundup.

Anyway, click on coast to coast link or read my copied text. Click here for a shopping guide (pdf).

GM Food Dangers

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George Noory
Author and filmmaker Jeffrey Smithdiscussed the dangers of eating genetically modified (GM) foods, and how the biotech industry has tried to cover up negative reports. The stakes are high right now, with a Supreme Court battle over approval of genetically modified alfalfa, and the Dept. of Justice combined with the Dept. of Agriculture investigating if Monsanto is a monopoly, he reported. Some countries are taking the threat of GM foods seriously, with India recently banning GM eggplant.
Genetically modified foods are created to either tolerate herbicides or become insect killers themselves. Right now, the main GM crops are soy (91%), corn (85%), canola (85%), cottonseed, and sugar beets, he detailed. A recent study of hamsters fed GM soy beans, showed that by the third generation most of them had become infertile or sterile, died at 5x the rate of the control group, and were slower to reach sexual maturity, Smith said. In testing of farm animals, they demonstrated a marked preference for non-GM feed, and would avoid eating the GM feed, he added.
Monsanto is "amazing in their ability to completely spin the truth," and they rigged research when it came to their genetically modified bovine growth hormone, Smith asserted. Their ultimate goal is to "genetically engineer 100% of the commercial seeds in the world and patent them-- to replace nature!" he continued. The Non-GMO Shopping Guide offers a listing of various food categories and specifies which brands are not genetically modified.

Aspartame Update

In the last hour, Dr. Betty Martini shared an update on aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in hundreds of products. Based on many studies, she classified aspartame as a poison and said its use is associated with numerous health problems. Because of the bad publicity, aspartame has recently been rebranded as AminoSweet, she noted, adding that such products as Just Like Sugar, and pure Stevia are safe alternatives to artificial sweeteners.

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