Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stolen Bikes, Bike Pedia, and The stolen bicycle registry

I added a section to to display stolen bikes.
I don't know if it will drive traffic, but if it helps recover one bike it was more than worth the effort.
Since I ask for the seriel numbers durning registration, they are there when you need them. All you need to do to mark your registered bike as stolen is click the 'report stolen' tab - select stolen and click the submit button.
it will then display for all to see on the stolen bikes page.

The bike pedia link is there for all bikes, so anyone can see what the bike looks like. I just sent the parameters to bike pedia and open their page. If they have your bike in their database, you can see it. I also have stored a personal url for each bike. So, click on the make and you see the actual bike. Click on the make and see the bike pedia photo and stats on the bike.

I set my url to the stolenbicycleregistry. My bike was stolen nearly a year ago. Go to the web site if you are interested in any of the details.

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