Saturday, July 25, 2009

crop circle

Don't know who made it, how they made it or why they made it, but you have to admit it is a pretty nice piece of art. Grand yet intricate work. I learned of the story from reading the 'strange but true' stories on my very own site. Newz Hobbys then strange but true.
Also learned of the sixteen year old girl who ages about one month per every two years. The story was slated to be aired on twenty twenty, then Michael Jackson died, and the so did the story.

It would have been a nice morning for a bike ride. Overcast and RELATIVELY cool for here, but I am irrigating this morning and still have to run out to chandler for a few chores on the rental house.

Today is also the one year anniversary of when my Mesa GSX was stolen. No mercy for bike thieves. click on the bike to see the reward.

Venu and I have plans to go to Prescott later. Should be nice and cool up there. Wish we could take the bikes.

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