Wednesday, July 22, 2009

brutal heat

I skipped out of riding south mountain sunday morning. Part of the reason was the brutal heat.

Heard about some 14 yr old boy from Alaska that passed on due to dehydration. He was up there from about 7 am to 11:30. It's hot, even early. Wish I could have helped him.

When I was new to this area, I got caught out in the desert unprepared once. Had buzzards following me. Lucky for me, I had a river close by. Kept my core cool. Got rescued by some illegal aliens with beer. Go figure, some americans on atv's zoomed right past me - didn't want to ruin their fun, but illegals saved me.

All the times you stop and talk to someone. Give advise, or water. Makes you wonder if you ever saved someone but just didn't know it.

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