Wednesday, July 22, 2009

message board and weekly earning report

I did it. I added the mecury message board.
Didn't really want to add one. My site is kind of becoming another mtbr. I like mtbr fine, but one is enough. Anyway, whatever gets them back. Was thinking of just using an mtbr forum, but it's better to have complete control.

I have not changed the mecuryboard one bit as far at the backend goes. I still want to integrate it so you don't have to create an account and sign in. Kind of stupid to have to do that, but nobody has been signing up anyhoo. Once I integrate with facebook, the application should take off. First I gotta integrate my own apps together.

Oh, it's been a week since I posted about my earnings. I have made $3.54 in the past week. NO earnings from fat-tire, no earnings from the car site. All the earnings came from I don't get it. Times are tough? Welfare ads pay more than bike and car ads? Well, please visit that crappy little site I own. It makes me money. This blog has made none, the good sites don't make any mula. Well, i guess this blog is about trying to increase revenue so well see what happens together. I just 'montitized' it, so next weeks report may show something.

Good enough. gotta run.

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