Thursday, July 16, 2009

Met with Zach and Kim last night for the home inspection and to take the house back over. Gave them all their deposit money back and felt good about it. What a great couple. They have been such good tenants that i would have felt bad if I couldn't give them their money back but they didn't disappoint. The house is clean and in good shape. They told me how much they enjoyed living there and how much they like the area. They bought a new house about six minutes away. Good for them. Since they gave me the house early, I told them I would give them any rent money I get for July. However, I don't anticipate getting anyone in that soon.

Now, I am going to meet Mike the Realtor over there Saturday morning about ten in the morning. Have been telling people to swing by about 10:15 if they want to take a look at the place.

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