Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biggest Looser seventh weigh in - plus other stuff

Biggest Loser

Started riding the bike to work again; ate as much as I cared for but I lost weight.

Xena was attacked by a couple of big dogs while we were on our walk. Don't worry, I fought them off but I got a few scrapes and cuts to show for the fight. They actually looked like they felt sorry for what they had done. Dogs are kind of like kids, do things without thinking sometimes. Just glad they weren't truly vicious. Told my wife that she shouldn't walk Xena without me. There are about six big dogs in the neighborhood that don't like her. Plus one hawk. 

Damn the rain, the aches and  the pains, full speed ahead - biking is making me thiner. 

Weighed in at an even 216 this week. Down 1.2 lbs from last. I believe a 6.2 total weight loss so far. 

Another amazing video

Morning Sky


  1. They have spent a lot of ride construction that bike path. Where is it? They're really good riders, and a little nuts. Maybe more than a little. But people are doing some amazing feats. Just look a the X-Games..Lee

  2. if my recollection is accurate, the video was shot somewhere in western Washington state.

    Young guys are always a little nuts. No doubt the have had a few spills perfecting their skills. I had fun just watching from their helmet cam. Reminded me of the day we used to ski through the trees.