Saturday, February 6, 2010

Biggest looser - Buenos Aires - other stuff

Biggest Looser

No weekend riding, no change in weight this week.

Buenos Aires

Kind of funny that I had dogs as the main picture of my last two posts. I just like this picture. Taken with my old 1965 Pentax Spotmatic 35mm film camera.

Cell Phones

I lost my phone on the way to work the other day. One of the reasons that I have not posted any video as it was my video player. 

Funny thing is I can see exactly where the phone is located via gps. The person who has it, takes it with them to the laundry mat and out. Mostly they just stay at home. I have talked to two different people in the home but neither know anything about it.  What kind of person won't return a persons cell phone? I was thinking old man (who didn't know what it was or teenager) but no, this doesn't appear to be the case. I am going to have to give up on getting it back soon as Venu is due any day now. She has to be able to get in touch with me.


  1. Too bad you can't activate the camera on your phone remotely, and take pix of the thief.

  2. Yeah, and listen to what they are saying. Somehow, I do believe it is possible.

  3. They do it on 24 and NCIS all the time. :)

  4. Check out my comment to my dad. I got the phone back as they were marching the crooks to jail. I'll have to do a post on this one when I have time. She even took a bunch of pictures of herself. I am half tempted to post them on this blog.