Friday, January 1, 2010

more rock circles

New Years Day, sunset ride on the outcast29.

Came across some more rock circles. This time near the dreamy draw park. Yin and Yang or maybe just an S in a circle. Quite a bit away from the other rock circle and the doll house. Not as interesting as before, but here it is.


  1. Some may not enjoy the paved portion of the ride, but I always like cooling down on that stretch in your video. The people around 3:43 made me laugh--you gave them a good "on your left", and the one guy moved when he didn't really need to, while the people with the stroller gave no indication they heard you. With a group like that, about 10-20% of the time one of them will swerve in front of you when they hear the "on your left." I always call out or ding my bell despite that, but it always scares the crap out of me as they look over their left shoulder as they step right in front of you. I guess the more people who ride and share the trail, the more that walkers will get used to hearing "on your left."

  2. I left the camera rolling for the paved portion because the sunset was incredibly beautiful that day. The camera really doesn't capture it.

    Yeah, this group was used to bikers I think. I think they just understood that I had enough room to pass and were just going to continue in a straight line.

    They were alright. The worst experience I've had was a guy who would hop in front of you while making a climb. I would only be doing 1 or 2 mph so nothing terrible was going to happen. He was just being a jerk. Luckily, the girl he was with told him so. I haven't seen him causing an problems since. He was out on south mountain.