Sunday, January 24, 2010

40 minutes of climbing

I finally was able to get done with enough of my chores and out of the house long enough to ride for a few minutes. The days are short, so I headed straight to the closest trail. Feeling like I would explode if I didn't burn as much energy as possible I climbed west out of the dreamy draw. Some days, I would avoid this climb, but not today. Feeling the bike buck beneath me as I climbed up the pass is a sensation I experience far to infrequently recently. Not that I cleared everything, but I cleared enough to appease myself for the time being. My body is still telling me that it wants to go on a long ride.

While some dream of vacations on the beach or cruise liners. I would like nothing more than to take a long bike packing trip with my closest friends. Anyway, it's not going to happen for awhile with the baby coming. I hope I can teach her/him the joys of the outdoors.

News - interactive

Funny what happens when you can't get out. Your mind starts thinking of ideas. I thought of a way to make the content of this site more dynamic. Every time you come to this post, you will see something different. Like my last post with the weather forecast.  Just my Newz page from Fat tire. Click on any of the subject, to change the content.

cooool video


  1. Is that real? It seems to be impossible. What do you know about who it is and where they do it? Dad

  2. I'd like to say it was me, but I'd be lying. I've seen even more incredible riding on youtube. I like this video because of the shots and the music.

  3. I think the rider is a guy by the name of Wade Simmons