Tuesday, June 1, 2010

up to the AZ in fruit

The peach jam was so good, I had to make some more. I also have figs coming in season, so there you go. Fig jam. It was wonderful as well. Nothing better than fresh fruit and fresh bread.  Combine the two, you have a treat.

Making fig jam is even easier than the peach. Doesn't take as long to simmer, no pectin is required.  (pectin is made from citrus peals, so if your frugal, chop some up. They'll thicken your jam. may alter the taste a bit but that's how marmalade is made. )

Basically, you wash the figs. Then put in hot water that has been boiling for about ten minutes. Stem them and chop them up.

Add about a cup of sugar for each pound of figs. (we like less, some like more). Set for about five minutes. Then simmer for about five minutes or until it starts to thicken.  Then squeeze in some lemon juice (one lemon for about five pounds).  Simmer for another minute.

Then enjoy.

Can the rest for later.

If anyone cares for canning instructions, let me know. It's pretty simple really but there are a few important steps. Like heating the jars etc. I just don't want to leave any important details out.

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