Saturday, June 26, 2010

flying car

I made a comment about the Kazinski like person attacking mountain bikers in the bay area. Saying that he should invent a hover craft if he truly wanted save the planet from trails. I had the idea from listening to Dr. Moller one night on coast to coast.

He made some very compelling arguments for his flying car. Imagine having virtual roads in the sky replace the asphalt roads. We could have bike trails, gardens, natural landscaping or whatever we wanted in their place. Imagine the money we would save if we didn't have to maintain those roads. No more traffic jams.

He said that 100 years back if you would have told a person driving a horse and buggy that one day everyone would be driving horseless carriages seventy miles per hour separated only by a yellow line they would have thought you crazy. I imagine that at one time people would have also thought people crazy for wanting to tame wild horses as well.

The thing is like the f-22 or harrier in that it has the ability to hover and land straight down. No runways needed. Computers make it easy enough for anyone to fly.

Dr. Moller has been working on this invention for over forty years, so he has his detractors. Some say it's just a cash machine, but I believe the guy is sincere. Anyway, you don't always have your dreams realized.

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