Monday, June 7, 2010

Update in Berkley HOH case

There were reports of the Hateful Old Hiker going on the UC Berkely campus vandalizing Mountain Bikes. (leaving other bikes alone). From the San Francisco chronicle of other incidents below.

It was also reported that he had been kicked out of Environmentalist groups. He was then accused of making threats to members of the Environmentalist groups.

However, supporters (yes, he has some supporters) claim that this is a conspiracy of militant mountain bikers to soil his good name.

. . .allegedly roamed a fire trail above the UC Berkeley campus, attacking bicyclists with hand tools.
Michael Vandeman of Berkeley accosted one bicyclist in summer 2009 and punctured his tire with a sharp tool, authorities said. About six weeks ago, he allegedly brandished a handsaw at another bike rider.
Both incidents took place on the upper section of the fire trail that runs from Grizzly Peak Boulevard to Strawberry Canyon, east of Memorial Stadium.
Vandeman was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor vandalism for the first attack and misdemeanor assault for the second one. He has not been charged in a third incident in which a 33-year-old Berkeley resident reported being accosted May 4 by a man who stepped directly in front of his mountain bike, grabbed his handlebars and put on the brakes.
That assailant "angrily yelled at the victim regarding his bicycle ruining the trail and the environment," and brandished a small tool with a sharp end, UC Berkeley police said.

The fire trail is open to hikers but closed to bicyclists.
- Henry K. Lee

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  1. I walk on Dessert classic and you can't go two feet without running into ya stupid mountain bikers Zooometie zooming up and down the trail. Vandeman is a hero to us!!! You all should learn to walk again. Ha ha I said it!!!!

  2. please, Desert Classic has always been full of Bikers. Know that going in.

  3. Wow, there should be room for both walkers and bikers..there must be an etiquette for the trail to accommodate both.

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