Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another season ends without reaching Point Sublime

Another October 15th has come and gone and I still have yet to reach Point Sublime or even ride anywhere near the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Ever since I first read about the isolated spot on the north rim, I have been wanting to mountain bike to it. Reaching the point should be little more difficult than completing a Pemberton loop.

Always have excuses, like I don't want to do it alone. It's difficult to get away from work during the summer months. I wasn't in shape this year. Too many projects for the house.

I will have to make it someday soon. Anyway, I was heartened today. The ride was getting much easier for me. I rode early morning from Tatum on trail 100 and 8.  The cooler temps and probably riding my Outcast to work each contributed to my ability to enjoy the workout.

May 15th is just around the corner. I will be a father by then. Maybe I won't even want to attempt this season.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the ride on trail 100  today. Started at Tatum. I was stronger and more energetic than the last few times. I am certain that the cooler temperatures and riding my Outcast to work both contributed to my increased abilities today. One thing I can say about 29ers. They are like a longer pair of skis. All the benefits and disadvantages come with the bigger wheels.


  1. What are you using for a camera/mount?

  2. I don't recommend it, but it's just strapped to me with the lower strap of my camelback. Pretty much only works with the Treo.

    I am going to try something different. It's difficult to keep the camera pointed up.