Sunday, November 15, 2009

1997 Klein Mantra

I happened to run into a fellow by the name of Todd who loves these old Kleins. He had restored a 1997 Klein Mantra with all new xtr components and I just had to get his story.

Turns out he was in the market for a new full suspension bike, but there was nothing new that he liked for under $5,000. Not wanted to spend that kind of money, he turned to Craig's list and found this 1997 Kein Mantra. He put about $1,800 worth of upgraded components and voila, he has his new bike.
The bike looks brand new. The one thing that draws you to it is the unusual top tube. I wondered if the design would have created a heavy bike, but actually this bike is quite lite.

Todd says he likes the way it rides. He wants to paint it purple, but I told him I like it the way it is.

Anyway, thank Todd for the story and letting me take photos of his bike.

The video is of some trails near the dreamy draw. I was trying out a new technique so my father could see a bit more trail.


  1. Nice bike but don't think it would hold up to my kind of riding.

  2. How was trail building in Sedona this past weekend?

    The bike isn't a downhill bike, but it looked pretty solid. The guy who owned it was pretty stout.

    I rented a Klein once in Sedona. I didn't really like it, but it was a different model. I liked the frame fine, but I wasn't used to the gearing. Even my Mesa was better to me.

  3. Nice looking trail. What kind of cam are you using?

  4. BigWheels. The camcorder is simply my phone strapped to my chest. A palm Treo.

    I just found a better method. My Digital camera with a flexible tripod. Two of the legs under my lower belt of my Camelbak. Works great. Better control of the angle and is more securely fastened.