Thursday, November 26, 2009

Red Mountain - Hawes trail

I just love the trails in this area. The red dirt reminds me of Sedona.

Easy to get to too. From downtown Phoenix area just drive 20 miles East on the Red Mountain (202) freeway to Power Road. Then 1 mile north just past the canal. Park on the left or go further down to the park near the river. Fee area there though.

Click on the link at the top very for maps, more information, wait a wee bit for the current weather forecast.(Hawes Red Mountain - Fat Tire.Net)

TrailHawes rd - red mountain
AreaPhoenix - Mesa,   Arizona
Descriptiongiant saguaro; ridge trails and mine shafts. Nice view of the river and red mountain. Sedona lite.
Distance7.1 Miles
Primo Trail
Find RouteModerate
Time To Ride1.5 to 2 Hours
DirectionsTake Red Mountain (202) to Power road and head one mile north
Average Speed4.34659628073374
Slowest Speed3.137255
Fastest Speed6.025994
Season MonthsJanFebMarAprMay************OctNovDec
Sep 17, 09took a couple of really great HD videos and pasted on website. Check them out!
Aug 01, 09Up Up Up Hawes to the ^^^Hike-a-bike^^^ to the Microwave tower. Down Down Down the pavement...over to new connector section of Wild Horse thru NRA pit to WH proper>>up Big Rock (sweet climb)>>Twisted Sister (rocks!)>>Saguaro>>CAP>>Chocolate Milk. Goo
Jul 13, 09Since we got a late start on Hawes we didn’t get to complete the planned loop, though we sure tried. Good thing we bailed when we did because it got dark fast. Temps were friggin hot today, but by 7:15 it felt good to be out even though it was 102. H
Jul 01, 09As I started down the backside of Mine I saw the Lenz rider again. This time he asked me “are you TheBarqsMan” to which I replied “I sure am.” He said he reads my blog. Cool. It’s fun to get recognized out on the trail. That plus the magnificent clou
Jun 16, 09This morning’s ride was all about loving the ride. I didn’t plan on any specific route, I left it up to whims at each junction. I ended up riding the exact loop I did my first time riding Hawes years ago “plus a wee bit more that be nay thar aft then” (read in your best pirate voice).Riding Hawes always puts my love of the bike into perspective. Today I could see myself still on the bike at 70 years old. I want to be an old man that still shreds.
Mar 14, 09Gary from Ohio arrived on Friday. We tweeked on bikes Sat morning and then horned in on a ride with Dale&Sonia and Beth&Randy out at Hawes in the afternoon. It was a designated ?flower sniffer? ride with a relaxed pace but somehow I still managed to be all tuckered out at the end. Fun times!!!
Mar 13, 09Today I learned what happens if you take a roadie into the mountains?He will perform a spectacular endo for you. First; after his rear real bounced off a rock on a steep descent; he rode a full front wheelie for at least 10 feet; then just as the whe
Mar 08, 09First 2 miles had a couple of killer (for me and Steve) climbs. We took shortcut home through story book - Ridgeline. Fun fun fun. Except Steve wrecked once and I did as well. Handle took the brunt of my wreck as it smacked a large boulder. Steve dro
Mar 08, 09Met Frank near canal lot. Tough workout; then the reward of scenery & rolling downhill. Going a bit too fast & front tire caught some sand; sending me off the bike; unharmed. Camelback cusioned the fall and I rolled over a bit. Met a lot of interesti
Mar 08, 09this trail kicked my butt. One tough climb up then wrecked on the screamer down. Felt like I been skiing all weeknd. Even my abs were sore.
Oct 27, 08Ridge loop saw the park today. Nice shady area near the river. Something not expected in this area.
Oct 13, 08Red rocks; Blue Water; Blue sky - Twisty; turney; rollie pollie breath taking fun.

CoordinatesLongitude: 111.8469Latitude: 33.43174
Today's ForcastHigh 80 fahranheit27 Celcius
Low 48 f9 c
Current conditionsCurrently 82 fahranheitP/SUNNY8 % humidity
November 26, 2009 15:13Wind Eat 17 MPHPressure 30.05
6 Day Forcast
DayThursday, November 26, 2009Friday, November 27, 2009Saturday, November 28, 2009Sunday, November 29, 2009Monday, November 30, 2009Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Forcast High Fahrenheit807870636568
Forcast Low Fahrenheit484944404140
Forcast High Celcius272621171820
Forcast Low Celcius997454
ConditionsThunder StormsPartly CloudySunnyMostly CloudyMostly CloudyN/A

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