Monday, October 12, 2009

McDowell Competitive Track

I had the day off, so I decided to head up to McDowell Mtn park. Ton of chores (painting the house, lawn seeding and more) so I can't get too far away. 

I always have enjoyed the McDowell park, but it's just a ways off. Fountain Hills to be precise. 

The last time I rode the Competitive track loops, I was on the Yeti 575 that Anthony Sloan set up. This was in February, Anthony passed on in May. Sad thing, he was so talented. Not only as a blogger and photographer but also as a bike mechanic. We talked about twenty minutes about bikes, but I had to rush home. Never talked Photography nor blogging. I didn't even know who he was at the time. Just hit me in the face when I saw his photo after they found him.  

The desert was not nearly as green as it was in Feb. The trail didn't seem nearly as smooth either. I don't know if the ruts got bigger or if the 575 just had that great of a suspension, but it seemed a lot smoother then.  However, you can't beat the Moab as far as a climber goes. I'm pretty weak these days, but I can climb like a goat with the Moab.

Anyways, I made another Phone video of part of the technical loop. You loose site of the the trail in the middle as the treo slide under the belt strap. I fix it through so bear with it if you want to see what the trail looks like. The dang thing wouldn't upload in blogger. I had to load it to You tube and embed it. Maybe this is better?

After the ride, I stopped in at Redendos for a slice of Pizza. One of the better pizza joints in town. Never had Biancos (hear you go in to a heavenly trance while taking a bite. Must be great as there is a five hour wait for pizza!) but I would rate the place slightly better than 'Slices' in Tempe off Mill, much better than Luigis and on par with Franks off of 32nd street and Indian School. Nellos and the Chicago places are something different. Good but different. 

Hope you enjoy the video as much I did making it.

So long for now,


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  1. There is a the Final Night Ride And camp out tonight here a McDowell Mountain park 7:00 PM Hope to see you out Darren..