Sunday, September 27, 2009

End of summer

It may get to 108 degrees today, but if feels like summer in the desert is coming to an end . That's not a bad thing for biking in the desert. Just ask your local shop owner.

I headed out to 'Desert Classic' this morning and could not find a parking space at the 48th st and Guadalupe lot. I am telling you, it's like going to the beach in California or like going skiing after fresh powder blankets the mountain from the night before. Cosmic Ray said something like "You can't swing a dead cat without hitting some neon nig nog poser going way to fast." when he wrote about the DC, but I like it. I like the scene. The only drawback is parking and  It is only more difficult to find a parking spot because the city stopped allowing us to park on both sides of the street.

Not willing to wait for a parking spot to open up, I headed out to the 'Warpaint' trail head. This trail head is a local secret. Always a place to park and you link up to the trail with some sweet little side trail.

The ease of parking at warpaint may soon come to an end as well. Developers are bull dozing the area across from the entrance at warpaint. Some high end housing no doubt. The owners won't want us parking there anymore. Sighhh. It was good while it lasted. (for years and years)

Sorry I have no pics. My good old Palm Treo finally bit the dust. I found another one on ebay and will be back in business soon.

Anyway, I have some video of warpaint on an older post. petroglyphs in plain site

Here are some old DC pics I have never posted.  Here is Steve with a broken chain. Now that it's cooling off, he plans on coming out more. He no longer wears his jeans on the trail. He is not a neon lycra nig nog poser by any means but he's swung a bit in that direction. Just shorts and rock shocks were a big step for him. He used to ride the entire trail 100 on a fully rigid bike. "Shocks! I'd ride on the street if I wanted a smooth ride!" He used to say. Now he likes them.

Here is Phil taking a brake. Wonder how he got the nickname of 'Restbrake'. At least I have never seen him over heated.

Yeah, summer is ending soon. From October 1st to October 15th (north rim closes) we can ride anywhere in the state. See link:
October and May are the prime months. (north rim opens May 15th)

Oh, for my dad. You can get some fishing stories at: fourth link from the left. I even made the font something I think you will like.

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