Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trail 100 Dreamy Draw Decent

While I would have rather been in Sedona riding the trails with Amit or in Payson up on the highline trail with my brother, I can't complain as yesterday's monsoon storm brought the temperatures down to pleasant levels. Since Phil didn't call I took the opportunity to ride near my home. I hadn't ridden out of the dreamy draw for awhile and it still is a thigh burner anyway out.

I headed west and came back the alternate route (birthday hill). Anyway, I made a video showing the descent back. Actually, I filmed it twice as the first run was pretty poor quality. Tried to create the video on my old Nikon as per Darron's Rides blog shows, but my batteries pooped out. Ended up shooting on the good old Palm Treo. Kind of like having to improvise the videos anyway. Makes it more fun that way.

I ended up talking with the owner of 'The Trailhead Cafe and Bike shop' and he told me that he got caught in a hail storm in Flagstaff yesterday. Guess, I was lucky getting stuck down here after all.


  1. The Trailhead Cafe and Bike shop never knew it was there. I will have to eat lunch there some time you hang out there a lot & I liked your video also.

  2. thanks Darren. Yeah, the shop is kind of nice and the owner is very cool. Loves to talk bikes and he makes a pretty good sandwich's. Here is his website. He organizes group rides up 100 and 1a on the weekend from his shop.