Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Travels - Kenya

Kenya - Safari. Elephant Charged vehicle in frontof us. He's backing up - fast. Taken with Minolta x370 800 spd film.

Elephants and Giraffe look like forests in the distance. The neck of the giraffe looks like a tree swaying in the wind. Looking out at the horizon, you come to the realization that the forest is moving closer, then it hits you - big wild life.

These Lions are everywhere. They pretty much do what they want.

They do give the elephants a wide berth however.

I could hear lions, elephant and crocs all night down by the river.
I never hear a lions roar quite the same way as they did in Africa. You felt the roar more than you heard it.
Anyway, these are old photos. If I find more from the trip I will post. Nothing much happening this summer so I thought I would revive and reuse some old pics.
Also came across a story off of my own site about a couple of Kenyan electrical engineering students who have invented an affordable device for charging cell phones while riding your bike.
The chargers will be sold for about $4.50.

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