Thursday, August 6, 2009

Travels - India


This is the Charminar in Hyderbad, Venu's home town.

the house no longer exists.

I have a video of the drive downtown to the district.

Believe it or not, the traffic in this video is quite tame compared to Mumbai (Bombay).

The Red fort -Dehli

the red fort in Dehli. Dehli is a wonderful city. It's at once both Modern and ancient, rich and poor, eurpoean and asian.

We had a wonderful guide for the red fort. (sadly somewhat of a rarity). He was a pleasant old man who had published several books on the history of Dehli and the fort.

We stayed in a National park on the way from Dehli to Rajisthan. It used to belong to some Raja who created the waterways to attact birds so he could hunt them.

Rajihistan is one hot area. Manmade streams were used to cool the palaces.

There were so many palaces in Rajihsthan that we grew tired of them. So many interesting places, but they all paled in comparisson to the Taj.


The sights, sounds and smells of India can wear a person down. It's just sensory overload. However, there are those places that are famous for tranquility. Such is the Taj Majal. Once you fight past the crowd through the gates, you are rewarded with the beauty of the Taj.The Grounds are green, massive and manicured.

Beauty in abundance.

Here I am with the 1964 Pentax spotmatic. Got it at a garage sale with all the lenses for 16 bucks. The guy got rid of it because he went totally digital. I got it because it needs no batteries, takes great photos and it was cheap.

We were on the grounds until the sun started to set. A day well spent.


  1. Nice photo's I might have to go to India now some day

  2. Go with a friend who knows India. Preferably, an Indian friend. So many scammers. Some of them are quite funny.

    Agra itself is something else. I think the caos outside contrasted with the peace inside the Taj somehow enhance the whole experience.

    I remember listening to this British woman, just repeating 'no no no'to all the vendors (and beggers). India can wear a foreigner down.

    You'll get a feel for what it may be like to be a celebrity. This may sound like nonsense, but it will make sense if you go.

  3. Thanks for the post Vinesh.

    I really appreciate it.