Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Years Best Posts

Since I've not been riding much myself, thought I would share some of what I've found. Lists of the best of the best post other bloggers have posted.

I am not going to make a list of every category. The best video's around here combined with youthful folksy  language always come from U2meToo, the best trail information always comes from MTBikeAZ some of the best writing comes from OneSpeedGo, while the best still photos come from sprockets.

However, in honor of the late Anthony Sloan, I am going to focus on his style of blog. Posts that look like they belong in a National Geographic or Arizona Highways magazine. Great Photography, combined with informative, entertaining story telling. I'll do the nominating, I'll let you all vote for your favorite posts. Feel free to post a comment about a great blog I'm missing out on.

My nominations include:
Cactus Rod The Toughest Mountain Bike Rider I Know from Darren's Rides

Kicking around the Kaibab from Out There

Spring on the Cabin Loop from Sprockets

North Rim of Grand Canyon Sampler from MountianBikeBill

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