Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have known at least one person who died from colon cancer (good old Bill). My wife had a good friend who recently died from it (good old Tom). My uncle was recently diagnosed with it, so my doctor thought it be a good idea if I go in for the procedure. 

All went well. They didn’t find anything.  I don’t remember anything about the procedure. All I recall is turning over to my left side then waking up to see my wife and daughter next to my bed.  The little girl was so cute, a big toothless smile came on her face when she saw me open my eyes. I don’t even remember the ride home or getting dressed but I clearly remember the smiles on my wife and daughters faces. Indu doesn't have any teeth, but she still has a million dollar smile.  

Anyways, here's my smiling baby.

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