Thursday, May 20, 2010

organics vs genetic modified

I love the coast to coast radio program. Always great for a laugh or to scare the crap out of you. Also hear about real news years before it makes the mainstream media. Ironically, it's broadcast from 550 am - a right wing propaganda outfit. Funny you would hear about all the crooked tricks Bush was trying then in the day hear his praises. So, don't sell them short they were talking about 'Osama Bin Laudin' while 'W. Bush' was still trying to bring back 'star wars'.

Anyway, they were talking about the dangers of gm foods the other night. Thought I should share. Talked about how slaughtered animals that feed on it looked on the inside vs a regular animal. Not good.  Also increased Autism in children.

Talked about we basically have two kinds of modifieds. 1. Those plants that can absorb 'roundup' and survive and 2. those that basically produce their own equivalent to roundup.

Anyway, click on coast to coast link or read my copied text. Click here for a shopping guide (pdf).

GM Food Dangers

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George Noory
Author and filmmaker Jeffrey Smithdiscussed the dangers of eating genetically modified (GM) foods, and how the biotech industry has tried to cover up negative reports. The stakes are high right now, with a Supreme Court battle over approval of genetically modified alfalfa, and the Dept. of Justice combined with the Dept. of Agriculture investigating if Monsanto is a monopoly, he reported. Some countries are taking the threat of GM foods seriously, with India recently banning GM eggplant.
Genetically modified foods are created to either tolerate herbicides or become insect killers themselves. Right now, the main GM crops are soy (91%), corn (85%), canola (85%), cottonseed, and sugar beets, he detailed. A recent study of hamsters fed GM soy beans, showed that by the third generation most of them had become infertile or sterile, died at 5x the rate of the control group, and were slower to reach sexual maturity, Smith said. In testing of farm animals, they demonstrated a marked preference for non-GM feed, and would avoid eating the GM feed, he added.
Monsanto is "amazing in their ability to completely spin the truth," and they rigged research when it came to their genetically modified bovine growth hormone, Smith asserted. Their ultimate goal is to "genetically engineer 100% of the commercial seeds in the world and patent them-- to replace nature!" he continued. The Non-GMO Shopping Guide offers a listing of various food categories and specifies which brands are not genetically modified.

Aspartame Update

In the last hour, Dr. Betty Martini shared an update on aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in hundreds of products. Based on many studies, she classified aspartame as a poison and said its use is associated with numerous health problems. Because of the bad publicity, aspartame has recently been rebranded as AminoSweet, she noted, adding that such products as Just Like Sugar, and pure Stevia are safe alternatives to artificial sweeteners.

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