Saturday, April 24, 2010

north rim

In less than one month, the north rim is open for business once again. If you want to see the most beautiful canyon in the world, this aint it. Go to Bryce. However, she can thrill you like no other. Driving to the edge, looking in for a couple of hours and returning home is one experience. Looking down with the anticipation of going down and crossing is something entirely different. Challenge yourself and you will be rewarded.

I wont make it to Pt. Sublime this season. Other priorities and that's okay. One day, I hope this new priority accompanies me to the point.

Grand Canyon

Crazy Jug Pointdouble track20 to 28.55ModerateIntermediatemoderate
Flag to Grand CanyonHistorical trail702 daysLong Easy RideBeginner
Pt. SublimeNorth Rim long easy dirt road to view366Very Long RideBeginner
Rainbow Rim5 points on rim of grand canyon18all dayhard workBeginnereasy
Tiyo Pointdouble track225ModerateIntermediateeasy


  1. well, if you expect to keep up or go at all by the time she's old enough, you better stay somewhat in shape. It ain't long before they leave you in the dust anyway.

    that's one beautiful baby.

  2. Yeah, she's perfect. I know, I'll probably put an electric motor on one of the bikes just to make it.

  3. People are losing interest in your website since you quit riding. No one has overtaken you....

  4. no one will.Hey, i haven't stopped riding. Just a break.